Smart HRM

Performance Appraisal Management Modules : simply the best

KRA’s: Define the deliverable KRA’s, as required and distribution of % among the KRA’s, in consultation with HOD’s.

KPI's: Define the KPI as required, with % and rating criteria as required. This can be designation specific or Employee specific, as desired from that particular role..

Potential Traits: Define as many Potential Traits as required, define measurement criteria, weight age and ratings as required. These can be designation specific or Employee specific.

Appraisal: One should be able to record complete Appraisal records. Can record achievements against each KPI set, conduct Self Appraisal, do Performance Review Planning, Potential Appraisal and Overall Performance Appraisal.

Reviews: There is Quarterly / Half yearly & Yearly review on all the KRA’s undertaken, for the performance evaluation of each individual.