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Payroll Management Module : is more than written a check

Administration /Backend Functionality :

Smart HR Partner helps in easily setting up the salary structure as per company norms:

Create unlimited number of salary components, as required.

Define attributes of each component like carry forward to next month, show in payslip, taxable, tax category, etc.

Various components can be relevant for business but that need not appear in pay slips.

The values for the salary components can be:

>> manually entered

>> computed using a formula

>> slab based lookups

>> value lookups based on location, grade, department, employee type, etc.

Payroll components are of different types and require varied inputs. For example, components could be basic, incentives, income tax, ad-hoc income, reimbursements, loans, etc. Loans could be car loan, house loan, personal loan, etc.

Mass Data Entry & Excel Import

Every feature in Smart HR Payroll is designed to save your time and effort. It has mass data entry tools that minimize bulk data entry and data import.

Enter compensation details for multiple employees in one shot with minimum effort and keystrokes.

Provide override values for multiple employees.

Import employee & compensation data in Excel spreadsheets with built-in reconciliation facility to ensure validity of import data.


Smart HR Partner comes packed with a full-fledged Arrear calculation module. Some of the salient features are:

Process arrears for one or more employees.

Upload the employees whose arrears need to be processed from an Excel file.

Arrears can be processed from any previous date across multiple periods and not necessarily from the beginning of a period.

The arrears components are shown separately in the pay slip, as arrears.


Smart HR Partner offers a comprehensive reimbursement module to address all the requirements of the organization. Some Of the Salient Features are:

Facility to create unlimited reimbursement components like LTA, Medical, Car Maintenance, etc.

Rules and upper limits can be set for employee entitlements.

Monthly or annual accumulation.

Validation of claims against available balances with facility to override.

Facility to show reimbursement components in regular pay slips or generate separate reimbursement pay slips.

TDS Module

Smart HR Partner has the ability to compute and make the correct deductions of Income Tax as per Indian Income Tax rules. In India IT rules are more complex than any other country in the world. There are large number of different clauses and sub-clauses that need to be handled while calculating the Income Tax of an each employee.

SmartHR Income Tax module enables you to easily perform these calculations. Some of the features of are:

Specify whether an item is taxable or not.

Facility to tax partly payout.

Facility to calculate total taxable income based on payouts till date and projection of payout for rest of the year.

Calculate and include all relevant perquisites like House Perquisite, Loan Perquisite (linked to Loan module), etc.

Accurately calculate the House Exemption based on location of the person.

Automatically calculate the other exemptions like Medical, LTA, Conveyance and Education. Ability to link this to the Reimbursements module.

Incorporate the Profession Tax and PF deductions done in the payroll, automatically into the Income Tax calculations.

Facility to specify the savings done by the employee.

Calculation of final Income Tax based on all the above inputs and including other information like Female employees, Senior Citizens, etc .

Income Tax - Monthly Statement.

Income Tax - Form 16.

Income Tax - Form 16A.


Smart HR Partner has a loan module to manage all the aspects of loan given to the employees. Some of the features are:

Facility to create unlimited number of loans & their types, which are offered to the employees like Salary advance, car loan, house loan etc.

Multiple interest types available: flat interest, reducing balance, reducing balance EMI etc.

Detailed information about a loan like loan amount, start and end date, interest type, number of installments etc.

Loan principal and interest deducted are tracked and displayed separately.

Facility for lum sum repayments outside of payrolls.

Loans deduction automatically stops after total recovery.

Provident Fund (PF)

Provision to mark an employee as per PF Eligibility or exempted from PF.

For all PF Eligible employees, automatic calculations of Employee PF Deduction, Employer PF contribution and Employer EPS Contribution.

Provision to restrict deduction upto statutory limit or calculate on the entire Basic.

Handling of PF calculations on arrears.

Facility to deduct VPF (Voluntary Provident Fund) from the employee salary.

Calculation of PF.


Provision to mark an employee as per ESI Eligibility or exempted from ESI.

For all ESI Eligible employees, automatic calculations of Employee ESI Deduction and Employer ESI contribution.

Automatic computation and deduction of ESI on the Gross payout.

Inbuilt features to continue deductions upto required period when an employee moves out of the ESI limit.

Profession Tax (Prof. Tax)

Automatic linking of Profession Tax slab based on location of employee.

Profession Tax deduction amounts calculated on specific state rules.


Configure the format of the Payslip.

Print, email or publish payslips on the Employee Self Service.

Powerful reporting capabilities: Unparalleled Payroll Reporting capabilities. An advanced Report Designer that allows creating reports as desired.

Facility to export all Reports: Export all Reports into Excel, Word and many other formats

Alerts: Enable to create Automatic Alerts so that you can get timely reminders of important events at times you want. So one can get reminders of Increments due, important statutory date etc.

Facility to Email Salary Slips: Email Salary Slips to all the Employees.

Leave and Attendance Module

This module covers two critical tasks of HR leave and attendance management

Easily Configure Company’s Leave policy.

HR Managers can define list of holidays by location or division. Holidays defined will be automatically marked in attendance.

In system one can define Leave Encashment details.

Employees can view company holidays and leave policies in employee self service portal.

Employees can request leave and view their leave balances online through employee self-service portal and their request will be routed to their Manager and HR.

Employee can request for the modification in leave and attendance records, and can cancel the leave requests.

System captures the details of applied leave and approved leave.

Employee can request for compensatory off if they have worked additional to a normal hours.

HR managers can identify which leave policies apply to the leave, and the leave management solution will manage and track these concurrently with the other types of leave. Flexible rules determine employee eligibility and leave entitlement and the order in which the leave balances must be used.

Real time approvals by setting automatic reminders for supervisors to review leave requests in a timely manner.

Track team attendance and work hours.

On-line attendance logging option.

Integration with external attendance logging systems.

Upload attendance and leaves of employees through spread sheets.