Smart CRM

Help Desk Workflow : there is always an answer

The Work Flow Module is available in specialized Help Desk versions. The versions may be purchased exclusively as needed.

Use & Benefit: Many requests require multiple people in various departments to either approve the request (i.e. a change to a server configuration) and/or complete specific tasks related to the request.The Work Flow System provides a flexible method for automating AND keeping track of these tasks. Results are improvement in quality and control of information systems (Change Management), improved response time to requests involving multiple people, and reduction of time spent keeping track of multi-step requests.

Predefined & “On the Fly” Work flows: Ability to create flexible work flows from a list of predefined tasks you setup or “on the fly” as Help Desk Tickets are being added.

Completion/Approval Paths: Ability to define work flows with various completion/approval paths.

Rules Based Auto Assignment: Ability to automatically assign predefined work flows to Help Desk Tickets based on flexible business rules (i.e. when a ticket is added to a particular category).

Auto Email notifications: Email notifications are automatically sent to the appropriate person or group when tasks are completed or rejected.

Work Flow Task “Queue”: Empowers managers to view pending task status, assignment, predecessor relationship and deadlines (with color coded due dates for past due, current, future).