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Thanks for calling message is not enough today. We assure your customers we have a process that not let go your customer complaints into black hole. Smart CRM will automatically generates easy follow instructions to submit complaints and a way to monitor and follow up the same. The process intelligent enough to notify the effected persons. We not only help you in improvement of your support and maintaining low cost for support but also increasing your customer satisfaction and retention.

Whether its on IVR/SMS or Email alerts our escalation system assures your customer gets required and appropriate support from your company.

The Smart CRM is a web based help desk system. The program allows efficient processing of customer inquiries. Each inquiry is referred by as a ticket. A ticket consists of one or more messages arranged in chronological order. A message is very close equivalent of email letter: it has author and date attributes, contains some text and may have file attachments. Each message represents a note posted by a customer or a server desk representative-an operator.

The software allows tracking of ticket status, such as whether it is new or solved, which operator owns the ticket, what department the ticket is assigned.