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Why smart guard : quality assured products

60 % of Bandwidth is used for official work ( Gartner Group )

80 % hits on musico & ther entertainment sites take place during office hours ( MSNBC Survey )

An Employee playing Internet games for an hour a day can cost you upto $5000 a year ( Research based productivity price tag )

Unproductive mails & Chatting uses 30% of official working time ( Gartner Group )

70% of IT Manager believes that Bandwidth Management Software should be Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) within an Organisation. ( Quick Take Survey )

The Traffic Problem

The Internet is key to any company's future. But this critical resource is subject to traffic congestion and slow down, as a result of increasing levels of IP traffic and the inherent unmanaged nature of the Internet. The cost of sitting back and not effectively managing your Internet traffic is great :

Lost Revenue : Users encounter delays accessing internet, resulting in lost sales.

Wasted Expenditure : Costly Internet bandwidth upgrades, steal budget away from needed IT initiatives, yet result in no noticeable service improvement.

IT Undermined : Users complain about Internet access, damaging the company's credibility.

Inefficient Systems : Traffic congestion slows access for important users.

Poor Performance : New web services like audio and video streaming cause an even more dramatic performance drop.

Wasted Time : You waste time tracking down what users are doing with internet connection and services But it doesn't have to be this way. Smart Guard Broadband Bandwidth Manager allows you to take back control of your Internet connection, by prioritizing your limited bandwidth capacity based on criticality and merit - guaranteeing that mission critical services, users and tasks always have Internet bandwidth when its needed.


By prioritizing and managing your Internet traffic, Smart Guard ensures that mission critical applications and important users always have the Internet bandwidth they need.