Smart Bms

Smart BMS

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Smart Billing the core module of the BOSS (Business Operation Support System) solutions suite. As the central point of control, billing manages the core business information such as product catalog management, customer management, rate management, customer taxation and customer financial accounting, Invoice Management, Payment management. Debit Note management, Credit Note Management, Multiple Currency Support, Dual Ledger. Smart Billing engine provides unparalleled flexibility to setup any kind of product, product packages, any kind, user defined rating structures, tax rules, user defined that can manage any business operation involving metered charges, recurring charges, event based charges and ad-hoc charges.

Smart Billing is service agnostic and allows any type of service offering and business model, through one unified platform. It fully supports both prepaid and postpaid business models.

Smart Billing architecture is based on open APIs and hence can be easily integrated with other BOSS products to build larger solutions. XS Infosol has a range of BOSS products in its portfolio with which Smart Billing comes pre-integrated as part of XS Infosol Solutions.