Smart Billing - Faq

FAQs : frequently asked question

Can i integrate this with my radius server?

Smart Billing can be easily integrated with any radius server. It needs only some specific APIs to communicate with Radius server.

Can user himself view his invoices?

Yes user can view his all generated invoices by login into his portal. Smart Billing provides the functionality for customers to view his invoices, deposited payment, due amount etc.

Can i import my existing data into your smart billing?

By Using Smart billing, you can easily import your existing data. No extra effort needed. Simple prepare your data into a Excel and import the data into appropriate location. You will get you all existing data into Newly installed Smart Billing.

Will i still be able to view the old data into Smart Billing?

Smart billing is flexible in nature. It can adapt your existing data and you can easily check you older data like invoices, payment, credit note, Debit note, etc.

How Smart billing differ from manual invoicing procedures ?

Smart Billing provides Electronic invoices. You can send and receive invoices electronically instead of using paper invoices. With Smart Billing, you can store many thousands of electronics on a computer disk, meaning you don't have to store boxes of paperwork.

What should i require for importing my current data into smart billing ?

Do not perform labor work. Prepare existing data into Excel file in predefined format and upload into Smart Billing.